Spiritual Air Waves Radio Wales

Dear friends,

You have come through to our Spiritual AirWaves Radio Wales Page.

We hope that you will enjoy the journey with us. After what has been, an exceedingly difficult & sad period for many through the journey of the Pandemic, People have a small glimmer of hope whereby we can see a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak!

Before we read on. firstly, let us pause for a moment and think of those who passed away during these difficult times and let us pray and ask for a blessing on those who have gone before us and especially those they left behind. 

through it all I think the world is still united in hope along with a glimpse that there are better days are ahead. Many people have adjusted into what is the “new normal” and many are now on the road to recovery along with finding new ways in how to get on with life and this can only be good news for all.

During this dark period of covid 19, The Jones family felt a deep concern for all and became aware and recognised that their git/s are needed more now than ever before. They thought of ways in how to reach out and how to continue serving spirit and humanity to help those who were in a greater need than themselves.
One of the many new Ideas that came forth from the inspiration was, “what about a radio station” and so the seed was planted and after months of planning, being creative the Radio Station is ready to take off.

Our spiritual airwaves radio Wales is here to connect people of like mind from around the world. We hope to bring peace, Love and understanding under the umbrella of spiritual unity and identity. We do hope that you will support our new project just as you have done over the many years’ past.

What is the channel have to offer?
1.      To bring people together of like mind
2.      To bring communication spirit messages from loved one’s
3.      To allow people to share their true stories
4.      People can ask for song request for birthdays, anniversaries etc, etc.
5.      To ask for healing and prayers
6.      Information in the local area.
7.      To listen to our Guest Mediums, Healers etc, etc.
8.      Discussions on certain Topics
9.      Paranormal experiences
10.    Ghostly encounters and much, much more!


Spiritual Air Waves Radio Is Now Officially Ready to Go!

After many technical complications and challenges we have now been able to get the Radio station up and running which is amazing! Myself and Jeff Jones are really looking forward to going live, there is so much we can talk about and discuss with the public.

Every Sunday evening at 5pm GMT / CET 6pm we will we going live, links will be posted on all of our social media pages as well as our websites so please keep your eyes peeled!

Please follow our social media pages to stay updated! Links will be posted below….




We look forward to going live very soon!

Thank you for your patience and understand!

Jeff Jones + Jackson Jones